Tse wen Chang

Tse wen Chang

Company: Immunwork

Job title: Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Tse Wen Chang is the founder and CEO of Immunwork based in Taipei, Taiwan. He was the inventor of Xolair and a cofounder of Tanox, which went public in 2000, raising a record US$ 280M, and was acquired by Genentech in 2007. His new invention of T-E technology platform is suitable for developing a new class of multifunctional drugs, including ADCs and bispecific antibodies for potential applications in oncology and beyond.


Multi-arm Linker Units with Drug Molecules or Chelator Groups for Preparing Antibody Drug or Radionuclide Conjugates 2:40 pm

Understanding how a drug bundle is prepared; By conjugating 3-5 cytotoxic drug molecules or chelator groups to a multi-arm linker Two drug bundles are conjugated to the C-termini of H chains of an antibody molecule via a click reaction or SH-maleimide reaction Reviewing one ADC with lenalidomide bundles and one ARC with DOTA chelator bundlesRead more

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