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About Event

World ADC Asia is a focused conference that unites the leaders in the field to identify and discuss the critical factors that will influence the next 12 months of your ADC development.

It is designed with the leading minds from BMSTakeda and Daiichi Sankyo who will ensure that you will leave with the latest data, science and lessons learned. You’ll also gain critical insight and valuable partnerships to accelerate the development of your ADC drug pipeline and maximize the therapeutic window of your candidate.

This year, 28 ADC thought leaders from the leading ADC organisations shared the following:

  • Learned lessons on filing a successful IND to regulatory bodies in Asia and effectively translating into the clinic
  • Discovered novel targets and lower potency payloads to improve the efficacy and safety of your ADC
  • Explored novel ADC technologies to enhance your ADC pipeline and maximize the therapeutic index of your ADC candidate
  • The current clinical status and future directions to get an understanding of the ADC landscape to allow development of meaningful business partnerships for 2019