Scientific Program Day Two

Thursday | June 27, 2024

과학 프로그램 2 일 차


カンファレンス 2日目

7:00 am Coffee & Check-In

7:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Identifying Novel Targets & Their Benefits to Diversify ADC Programs & Design a More Accurate ADC

8:00 am Unmet Needs in ADCs for Gastrointestinal Cancer: East-West Differences & Novel Target Strategies Beyond HER2 & TROP2


  • Addressing the unmet needs of ADCs in gastrointestinal cancers
  • Discussing the regional differences in the need for an ADC for gastrointestinal cancers
  • Going beyond HER2 and TROP2: Novel targets for ADCs in gastrointestinal cancers

8:30 am Developing a Precise ADC for Novel Targets to Take Your ADC From Bench to Bedside

  • Do-Hyun Nam Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Aimed Bio


  • Exploring target discovery for ADCs
  • Understanding pre-clinical and clinical translation
  • Developing the best-in-class ADC for precision oncology

9:00 am A Flourishing ADC space

  • Jia He Researcher, Beacon Targeted Therapies


  • Review of the current ADC landscape, both clinical and preclinical
  • Deep dive into the characteristics of ADCs in each stage of development
  • Analyze trends on the recent flurry of ADC deals

9:30 am Versatile & Robust Chemical Site-Specific Conjugation Platform: AJICAP® Technology


  • AJICAP®️ Conjugation: Examining how site-specific technologies are being employed in many of the next-generation ADCs due to the enhancement of clinically relevant biological properties observed in various preclinical studies
  • AJICAP®️ Linker: Demonstrating a novel hydrophilic linker technology that enables the versatile synthesis of homogenous DAR = 1, 2, 4, 8, and higher
  • Showcasing Bispecific and Trispecific antibodies produced by fully-chemical conjugation technology

10:00 am Morning Networking Break

11:00 am SGN-B6A: A Vedotin Antibody-Drug Conjugate that Targets Integrin Beta-6 & Shows Clinical Efficacy in Multiple Solid Tumor Indications


  • Explore how sigvotatug vedotin (SV, SGN-B6A) is an investigational, first-in-class ADC, which shows high specificity towards integrin beta-6 
  • Overview of sigvotatug vedotin preclinical and clinical safety and efficacy data 
  • Discuss the rationale for clinical combination between sigvotatug vedotin and CPIs

11:30 am NN3201, a Novel C-Kit Targeting ADC, Exhibits Robust Preclinical AntiTumor Efficacy in SCLC & GIST Models

  • Sun-Hwa Lee Chief Scientific Officer, Novelty Nobility


  • Navigating the effects of NN3201 in small cell lung cancer
  • Exploring a novel C-Kit targeting ADC
  • Showing anti-tumor efficacy in SCLC and GIST models

Innovating Novel Linker & Payload Technologies to Increase Stability, Efficiency & Patient Treatability

12:00 pm Delivery of BET Protein Degrader to Pancreatic Cancer & Their Microenvironment Via CEACAM6-Targeted Antibody–Drug Conjugate


  • Analyzing Antibody protein degrader conjugate
  • Understanding pancreatic cancer and its effects
  • Reviewing a novel payload, BET protein degrader

12:30 pm Accelerate ADC Development From DNA to BLA Through WuXi XDC’s Integrated Platform, Technology Innovation & Strong CMC Expertise

  • Jimmy Li Chief Executive Officer, WuXi XDC


  • Showcasing WuXi XDC’s CRDMO platform that provides comprehensive and fully integrated development and manufacturing services on all ADC components: mab intermediate, payload linker, conjugation and drug products.  
  • Discover how the fully integrated platform provides fastest route to IND, less than 15 months from DNA sequence to IND submission; with over 60 INDs have been successfully submitted
  • Discuss how for ADCs that seek for expedited development and approval, accelerated timeline for late stage development to BLA submission is essential. With vast experience and expertise, and all-in-one manufacturing covering all ADC components, WuXi XDC provides clear path and strategy for the comprehensive efforts toward BLA

1:00 pm
Networking Lunch


Johnson and Johnson Logo.png

2:00 pm Re-imagining ADCs With OmniAb’s Next-Generation Therapeutic Antibody & Alternative Scaffold Technologies


  • Discover how OmniAb® generates naturally-optimized, fully-human custom immune repertoires in multiple host species to fit any target product profile
  • Explore how they mine their repertoires using high throughput B cell discovery workflows augmented by AI-guided selections
  • Highlighting their offering of a variety of antibody modalities including VH+VL, common light chain antibodies for bispecific applications, single domain (VHH) antibodies, and cow-inspired ultra-long CDR-H3 antibodies and picobodies
  • Learn how OmniAb’s suite of antibody discovery capabilities are well-suited to ADCs, where on-target specificity, high affinity, developability, and versatility to fit a plethora of molecular formats are all important criteria

2:30 pm Exploring Next-Generation ADC Development From Payload & Linker Perspective to Drive ADC Performance & Innovation


  • Explore a new Topoisomerase 1 inhibitor
  • Discuss a new linker system for ADC
  • Review how it had better performance than Enhertu

3:00 pm Analyzing the Advantages of Protein Homeostasis by Dual Precision Approach

  • Min Soo Kim Director - Antibody Engineering, Orum Therapeutics


  • Discover the development of a novel, catalytic payload class
  • Explore diversity of degrader SAR while also enabling conjugation
  • Improve potency and selectivity of delivery to target cells

3:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

Maximizing Therapeutic Window to Increase Efficacy & Reduce Off-Target Toxicity of Your ADC

4:00 pm PEG-Based Bispecific ADC: Better Tumor Penetration, Wider Therapeutic Window


  • Assessing how it provides better tumor penetration
  • Discussing how there were not any Fc related toxicities
  • Exploring how it has a wider therapeutic window

5:00 pm Effective PK/PD Translational Strategies to Enable a Successful Early Clinical Development

  • Mike Liao Pharmacology Team Lead, Global Clinical Pharmacology Lead & BD Diligence Evaluator, Genentech


  • Defining the translational PK/PD considerations for ADC FIH starting dose prediction
  • Integrating nonclinical knowledge through computational modeling and simulations to inform Phase I design dose escalations.
  • Exploring translational PK/PD data to support model-informed clinical safety mitigation strategy, drug-drug interaction risks

5:30 pm Development of Selective TLR7 Agonist ADC for Tumor Localized Immunomodulation

  • Amy Han Executive Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


  • Discuss the design of a novel and selective TLR7 agonist
  • Learn how Her2-TLR7a ADC activity requires Her2 and TLR7 targeting
  • Explore how anti-HER2-TLR7a ADC induce robust, target dependent activation of the immune system leading to robust anti-tumor responses in vivo

6:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

6:10 pm End of Conference