Re-imagining ADCs With OmniAb’s Next-Generation Therapeutic Antibody & Alternative Scaffold Technologies

Time: 2:00 pm
day: Day Two


  • Discover how OmniAb® generates naturally-optimized, fully-human custom immune repertoires in multiple host species to fit any target product profile
  • Explore how they mine their repertoires using high throughput B cell discovery workflows augmented by AI-guided selections
  • Highlighting their offering of a variety of antibody modalities including VH+VL, common light chain antibodies for bispecific applications, single domain (VHH) antibodies, and cow-inspired ultra-long CDR-H3 antibodies and picobodies
  • Learn how OmniAb’s suite of antibody discovery capabilities are well-suited to ADCs, where on-target specificity, high affinity, developability, and versatility to fit a plethora of molecular formats are all important criteria