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A BCMA-Targeting Antibody-Drug Conjugate with NTERM Conjugation for Treating Multiple Myeloma

Jinwon Jung

Snip Jinwon

ADCs with high ADR, high targeting valence, and product homogeneity

Tse Wen Chang, Ph.D. CEO, Immunwork, Inc.

Snip ADCs with high ADR

Development of Innovative ADCs Targeting Solid Tumors

Xiaomai Zhou

SNIP Development of Innovative ADCs

Check out our speaker interview with Tse-Wen Chang to learn everything from the biggest ADC challenges faced in Asia to first-hand insight on Tse-Wen’s work.

Screenshot speaker interview

World ADC Asia Infographic

Infographic screenshot

Clinical Development of ADC-IO Combinations: Today and Tomorrow

Jay Harper, Ph.D., MedImmune Oncology Research

Screenshot clinical dev

Antibody Drug Conjugates: Process Development and Analytical Considerations

Michael Hay – Bristol-Myers Squibb

Streenshot antibody drug

Immunogenicity Assay Strategies for Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Seema Kumar, PhD, EMD Serono Research & Development Institute

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