11-13 June 2019


Partnership Opportunities

Estimates expect that a further 10 new ADCs could be expected to enter the clinic from within Asia  in 2018, showing fast progress. This means that drug developers will have to look beyond local suppliers to meet their growing needs.

World ADC Asia will be the first dedicated meeting to bring together all of the stakeholders from the region to take stock of the progress that has been made to date. It will accelerate the discussion around what developments are on the horizon and what partnerships need to be struck to sustain this growth.

Partnering with this summit  is your only opportunity to benefit from early-mover advantage, achieve a foothold before the market becomes too crowded and accelerate your efforts, identifying sales opportunities in a complex and challenging market.

The World ADC team are unique in that we share your passion for ADCs. The part we play in their therapeutic potential is to help organisations who are working in the ADC space achieve their objectives faster. Work with us to craft the opportunity that best delivers for you in this commercially booming industry.

Greater brand awareness; nurtured lead generation; networking of surgical precision.

Contact us today at: adc@hansonwade.com