9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10 am DS-1062, a TROP2-targeting ADC with a Novel DNA Topoisomerase Inhibitor


  • DXd-ADC: Widely applicable technology platform
  • Preclinical results on the mechanism of action of DS-1062
  • Updates on clinical development of DS-1062

9:40 am Designing Effective Antibody-Drug Conjugates: What Have We Learned in Forty Years & What Are the Future Prospects

  • John Lambert Executive Vice President, Emeritus & Distinguished Fellow, Immunogen


  • Effective exploitation of antibodies for treating cancer required many lessons to be learned and technologies to be developed in the 1980s and 1990s
  • Since Mylotarg’s approval in 2000, major advances in antibody-drug conjugate technologies were pioneered by ImmunoGen, Inc., and Seattle Genetics, leading to the approvals of Kadcyla and Adcetris
  • With many “tools in the toolbox”, development of ADCs for cancer treatment has a promising future

10:10 am Development of a New TROP-2 ADC with Better Therapeutic Window

  • Hui Lu Chief Executive Officer, Levena Biopharma


  • TROP has emerged as an appealing target for ADC development
  • Tackling the unique challenge for a target with larger tissue distribution and utilization of weaker payload
  • Witnessing how novel ADC design has achieved better linker stability, which has greatly reduced ADC toxicity and improved therapeutic window

10:40 am Morning Refreshments & Virtual Speed Networking


Grab a quick cup of tea or coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into your opportunity to connect with new contacts from active companies in the field and exchange digital business cards. Network and form lasting connections through this exclusive virtual speed networking!

This session is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the attendees that you would like to have more in-depth conversations with. Get virtual face-to-face time with many of the brightest minds working in the ADC field and establish meaningful business relationships.

Overcoming Manufacturing Hurdles & Roadblocks

11:40 am Key CMC Considerations for Integrated ADC Development to Production

  • Xinfan Li Chief Operating Officer , Mabplex


  • Integrated conjugate development approach at Mabplex including early stage linker-toxin combination evaluation
  • Implementation of new technology or continuous improvement
  • Time line fits customer needs based on risk assessment

12:10 pm Next Generation Continuous Process Design on Manufacturing of ADCs

  • Paul Song Chief Scientific Officer, GeneQuantum


  • Exploring one real continuous process for conjugate manufacturing
  • Discussing the green process without isolator and organic solvents issues
  • Achieving unprecedented productivity, flexibility and versatility

12:40 pm Session Reserved for Piramal

1:40 pm Lunch & Networking

Exploring Novel Payloads to Inspire Innovation

2:40 pm Multi-arm Linker Units with Drug Molecules or Chelator Groups for Preparing Antibody Drug or Radionuclide Conjugates


  • Understanding how a drug bundle is prepared; By conjugating 3-5 cytotoxic drug molecules or chelator groups to a multi-arm linker
  • Two drug bundles are conjugated to the C-termini of H chains of an antibody molecule via a click reaction or SH-maleimide reaction
  • Reviewing one ADC with lenalidomide bundles and one ARC with DOTA chelator bundles

3:10 pm Introducing Antibody Pyrrolobenzodiazepine Conjugates


  • Introduction to Pyrrolobenzodiazepines (PBDs) and Spirogen
  • Analyze the properties of PBDs that make them good ADC Payloads
  • Review PBD ADC clinical highlights
  • Explore novel PBD payloads

3:40 pm Afternoon Break & Networking
                Scientific Poster Session


During the afternoon break, the learning and networking carries on. The Poster Session is an informal part of the conference agenda, allowing you to connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to forge new and existing relationships. The posters will then be left up throughout the rest of the conference.

A Landscape Review & Delving into Regulatory Challenges for Asia & the RoW

4:40 pm Antibody Drug Conjugate Development: Current Clinical Status & Future Directions

  • Jia He Analyst, Beacon Targeted Therapies


• Receive an update on the key movements in the clinic
• Gain insight into the rapidly evolving pipeline
• Analyze novel clinical ADCs

5:10 pm Addressing Regulatory Considerations for ADCs & How the NMPA Reform Affects Regulations

  • Alex Xu Principle Scientist , NMPA

5:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks