Conference Day 2
Thursday June 13, 2019


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Mary Hu
Chief Executive Officer

Discovering Novel & Lower Potency Payloads


Discovering ADC for Potential Treatment of Prostates Cancer
• Discover novel tubulysins that potently kill multiple MDR celllines
• Develop site-specific tubulysin ADC
• Demonstrate in vitro activity and in vivo efficacy in prostate models

Amy Han
Director of Chemistry Research & Development


Clinical-Stage Technology for Best-in-Class ADCs
• Platform ADC technology improves efficacy and tolerability
• Rapid time-to-clinic based on non-genetic conjugation
• ‘One-stop’ ADC technology platform, including multiple payloads

Floris van Delft
Chief Scientific Officer
Synaffix BV


Antibody Pyrrolobenzodiazepine Conjugates
• Introduction to Pyrrolobenzodiazepines (PBDs) and Spirogen
• Properties of PBDs that make them good ADC Payloads
• PBD ADC clinical highlights
• Novel PBD payloads

Christina von Burlow
Senior Alliance/Project Manager


Morning Refreshments & Networking

Discovery & Development Stream
Chair: Tse Wen Chang, CEO, Immunwork

Exploring Novel Targets & Moving Beyond HER


Development of Innovative ADCs Targeting Solid Tumors
• Screening and identifying linker-payload pairs that are both more efficacious and safer than MCC-DM1
• These linker-payload pairs maintain these superior properties when conjugated to a variety of antibodies
• Encouraging preclinical results of novel ADCs toward a list of non-Her2 targets
Xiaomai Zhou, Vice President, Hangzhou DAC Biotech


Exploring Novel ADC Drug Targets & Molecular Mechanisms Using An In Vitro Liver Differentiation Model
• Investigation of stem cell differentiation process might provide novel therapeutic candidates for ADC drug development
• Targeting the developmental signaling pathways might provide novel therapeutic strategy in cancer treatment
Ming Lui, Professor, Guangzhou Medical University


Lunch & Networking

Revealing Successful Results from Companies with Candidates in the Clinic


Assessing Phase 1 interim Data of MORAb-202, a Folate Receptor Alpha-Targeted Antibody-drug Conjugate
• MORAb-202 is the first ADC which is loaded with HALAVEN® as payload
• HALAVEN® is an approved drug which exhibits unique effects on tumor microenvironment
• The interim data of MORAb-202 Phase 1 study in Japan is to be discussed

Toshimitsu Uenaka
Head, Oncology Biologics Laboratory


Reviewing the Clinical Experience of Operating a Trial in China: MRG003
• Selection of clinical investigators and sites is critical
• IRB and HGRAC approval must be obtained prior to clinical studies
• Close communication and oversight are essential for quick enrollment

Mary Hu
Chief Executive Officer


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Discovering Innovative Therapeutic Approaches for ADCs


ADC Product Development: The Past, Today & Future

Youling Wu
Chief Executive Officer


Branching Out From Traditional ADCs – Small Molecule Drug Conjugates
• 3 to 5 chelator molecules or cytotoxic drug molecules (effector elements) are prepared in bundles based on novel multi-arm linkers
• The effector bundles are conjugated to an antibody molecule or to a bundle of small molecules (a targeting bundle)
• One ADC and one SMDC conjugated with DOTA chelator bundles subjected to CMC development are to be discussed

Tse Wen Chan
Chief Executive Officer & President


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Mary Hu
Chief Executive Officer