Conference Day 1
Wednesday June 12, 2019


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Mary Hu
Chief Executive
Officer Miracogen


Keynote: Antibody Drug Conjugate Development in Asia: Current Clinical Status & Future Directions
• Update on the key movements in the clinic
• Insight into the rapidly evolving pipeline
• Analysis of novel clinical ADCs

Letrishka Antony
Senior Analyst


Keynote: Daiichi Sankyo DXd ADC Technology: DS-8201 & U3-1402:
Clinical Validation of an ADC Design Meant to Deliver a By-Stander Effect
• Design of novel drug-linker technology based on topo-I inhibitor Exatecan
• Highly efficacious ADC with high DAR, bystander effect, and excellent stability in systemic circulation
• Clinical outcomes of DS-8201a, U3-1402 and other ADCs

Takashi Nakada
Daiichi Sankyo


Designing Novel ADCs Against Multiple Myeloma
• Levena has developed synthetic chemistry based site-specific conjugation methods,
K-Lock & C-Lock, together with its proprietary toxin Duostatin
• Novel ADCs against CD-38 and BCMA, based on Levena’s technology, have been developed for targeting multiple myeloma and demonstrated good efficacy and
safety profiles
• These ADCs have been CMC enabled and are currently under IND enabling studies

Hui Li
Chief Executive
Officer Levena


Speed Networking
This session is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the attendees that you would like to have more in depth conversations with. This session is the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face time with many of the brightest minds working in the ADC field and establish meaningful business relationships.


Morning Refreshments

Discovery & Development Stream
Chair: Tse Wen Chang, CEO, Immunwork

CMC & Regulatory Stream
Chair: Firelli Alonso, Senior Director, External Supply, Pfizer

Effectively Translating into the Clinic

Generating Safe & Efficacious ADCs



Discussing an Overview of the ADC field and Lessons Learned from Translating into The Clinic
• Reviewing the preclinical ADC landscape
• Sharing lessons learned from translating into phase I
• Reflecting on the landscape and the next steps for ADCs
Sukumar Sakamuri, Vice President, Head of Chemistry, Ambrx

Endeavor to Successfully Develop Efficacious & Safe Next-generation ADCs
• Rational design of ADC molecule
• iLDC: Simple and efficient continuous conjugating platform
• Outstanding homogeneity and stability
• Optimized TI
• Best-in-class / First-in-class potential for various solid
tumor targeting candidates
Gang Qin, Chief Executive Officer, GeneQuantum



Breast Cancer Subtype-Specific Biomarker Identification By Phenotypic Selection
• For the discovery of diagnostic and therapeutic targets, we have developed a systematic approach for concurrent identification of Antibody and Antigen (Ab/Ag) pairs.
• In this presentation, the technical platform for the discovery of Ab/Ag pairs for molecular subpopulation of breast cancers will be presented.
• The potential value of the Ab/Ag pair for diagnostic, therapeutic biomarkers, and cancer therapy as antibody and antibody drug conjugate will be presented using the Ab/Ag identified using the platform as an example
Kristine Kim, Professor, Kangwon National University

Targeting Tumor Specific Splicing Form with ADC
• Identified a tumor-specific splicing form
• Generated an antibody against this tumor specific
• Generated ADC confirmed the safety and efficacy in
animal models
Wang Mei, Cell Group Leader, Dizal Pharmaceutical Inc


Lunch & Networking

Sharing Novel & Innovative Technology Approaches

Sharing Lessons Learned from Experience with Regulatory Bodies



Amanitin-based Antibody-Drug Conjugates as New Therapeutic Modalities for Cancer Therapy
• Antigen-Targeted Amanitin-Conjugates (ATACs) represent a new class of ADCs using the payload Amanitin
• This payload introduces a novel mode of action into oncology therapy, the inhibition of RNA polymerase II
• The technology platform includes Amanitin supply, sitespecific conjugation, demonstrated safety profile and biomarker
• HDP-101 is the first ATAC directed against BCMA entering Phase I trials by the end of 2019
George Badescu, Vice President Scientific Affairs,
Heidelberg Pharma

Lessons Learned from Preparation of an IND Submission in US & China
• Outline the differences of regulatory expectation of Phase 1 submission of ADC in US and China
• Address the challenges of dual submission of Phase 1 IND package of an ADC molecule in US and China
• Share the lessons learned from the preparation of the CMC, pre-clinical and clinical development package of an ADC molecule
Ziping Wei, Chief Executive Officer, BlissBio



New Linker Technology & Next-generation of ADCs
• ADC overview
• NBT’s site-specific conjugation technology
• Case studies of ADC discovery with site-specific conjugation technology
Nianhe Han, Chief Executive Officer, NewBio Therapeutics

ARX788 Manufacturing & Comparability Strategy Meeting Regulatory Requirements
• Introduction to Ambrx technology
• Advantage of applying Ambrx technology to make ADCs
• ARX788 development and manufacturing strategy
• ARX788 comparability strategy and study results addressing process changes
Ying Buechler, Vice President of Development, Ambrx


Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Scientific Poster Session
After the formal presentations have finished, the learning and networking carries on. The Poster Session is an informal part of the conference agenda, allowing you to connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to forge new and existing relationships.

Optimization of ADCs: Maximizing the Therapeutic Window of Your ADC Candidate


Integrated ADC Development to Productions 
• What we learnt from the failed ADCs
• What strategy to make a better one
• Does antibody binding affinity influence ADC fate?
• Does conjugation format affect the internalisation?s


Xinfang Li
Vice President - Process Development & Head of Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls Mabplex 


Antibody-drug Conjugates Derived from Cytotoxic Seco-CBI-Dimer Payloads are Highly Efficacious in Xenograft Models and Form Protein Adducts In Vivo

• Complex and novel biotransfromations of CBI ADCs
• Impact of biotranformations on in vitro potency, in vivo efficacy and bioanalysis of CBI ADCs
• In vitro assay for predicting CBI ADC biotransformations
• Means for modulating CBI ADC biotransformations


Dian Su
DMPK Scientist Genentech


Overcoming Challenges of Maximizing the Clinical Therapeutic Window
of Antibody Drug Conjugates Case Study: RC48ADC

• Optimizing clinical trial design
• Overcoming operational challenges within Asia
• Delving into RC48ADC

Jianmin Fang
Chief Executive Officer


Chair’s Closing Remarks

Mary Hu
Chief Executive Officer