Levena BioPharma

Lead Partner

AtLevena BioPharma,we interface complex synthetic chemistry with antibody research providing our clients with the latest technologies and comprehensive services to advance ADC projects from discovery to IND.  Our ADC platform encompasses: ADC screening tools; bioactive molecules (toxins) for research and in cGMP grade; optimized linker-toxins; conjugation services; ADC toxicity screening; and ADC optimization & processing.



Senior Partner

MabPlex International provides one-stop, high-quality CRO/CMO solutions for biologics (mAb and ADCs) to our global clients. We are dedicated to help our clients accelerate development process and reduce manufacture costs. MabPlex has extensive experiences in manufacturing for therapeutic antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Our manufacturing facilities with large-scale disposable lines and world-class instruments are operated by well-trained professionals in full compliance with U.S, European, and Chinese GMP regulations.



Senior Partner

Synaffix is a life sciences company based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Synaffix’s proprietary site-specific bioconjugation platform involves the (post-recombinant) introduction of a specific tag into a protein of interest, to enable the smooth and irreversible attachment of a functionality of interest through a metal-free click reaction. A particular opportunity of this approach lies in the development of next generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), with full control of stability, site-specificity and drug-antibody ratio.

Beacon 2018

Beacon Targeted Therapies


Beacon Targeted Therapies is a powerful clinical trial intelligence service that gives you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database on antibody drug conjugates, checkpoints and bispecifics; accelerating your drug development strategy.

Launched in 2015, Beacon ADC is an exclusive benchmark database focused on preclinical and clinical antibody drug conjugates. Curated by specialized researchers, it is a go-to resource to identify trends across the landscape, and track competitors’ latest technology innovations in the race to the next approval.


Heidelberg Pharma


Heidelberg Pharma GmbH is a pharmaceutical company with a dual business model: (A) Providing preclinical drug development services in general with a special focus on the development of ADCs. Heidelberg Pharma has ample experience in providing antibody-drug conjugate related services to its clients. (B) Development of novel therapeutics in oncology based on its own proprietary 2nd generation ADC technology based on a novel toxin.


Iksuda Therapeutics


Iksuda Therapeutics (formally Glythera) is a pre-clinical stage company developing ADCs for difficult to treat solid tumours. Our ADCs are centered around our proprietary PermaLInk® conjugation platform which provides conjugation stability by design.

Through PermaLink, we aim to develop more effective ADCs by leveraging the broad tumour activity associated with ultra-potent DNA damaging payloads, combined with clinically relevant targets.

Through our collaborations and partnerships, we are building a pipeline of superior ADCs with the goal of improving the lives of patients living with cancer.

Logo Sartorius

Sartorius Stedim Biotech


Sartorius-Stedim Biotech is a key supplier of Bioprocessing technologies and Biomanufacturing related services.

Benefit from the most comprehensive bioprocess and single-use technology portfolio coupled with our process engineering expertise, ensuring a robust process development and manufacturing approach.

With you, we design and implement rapid and cost-effective biomanufacturing solutions for preclinical,  clinical and commercial manufacturing.

The Sartorius Integrated Solutions team is there to support you




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ADC Bio is an innovative biotechnology company developing new process technology to speed, simplify and significantly lower the production costs of ADCs. The company are specialists in state-of-the-art bio-conjugation techniques and cytotoxin drug-linker synthesis, assisting drug developers to deliver their next generation ADCs. Our proprietary ‘Lock-Release’ technology aims to become a new paradigm in the way ADCs are developed and manufactured by providing fast, simple and robust conjugation processes

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BrightGene is a R&D driving pharmaceutical company focus on niche specialty generics and intermediates, with high tech barrier, such as multi-chiral and fermentation

Our manufacturing sites have been approved by FDA EDQM PMDA KFDA and CFDA.
We have full pipeline in ADC cytotoxic payloads, its starting material, and linkers:

1- Maytansinoids: Ansamitocin P3, DM1 DM4 DM1-SMCC
2- Auristatins: MMAE MMAF and intermediates, Vc-MMAE
3- Calicheamicin

Contact if you have any interest.